Thursday, February 10, 2011

White Nail Polish RANT!(:

         Liz here! Without a review! For once! LOL! Anyway, I'm going to be talking about WHITE NAIL POLISH! Everyone knows about it being an everyday color, you can wear it with everything, looks good on everyone. WELL! I have found another use for it! O.k. You know how you prime your eyelides with lets say Urban Decay Primer Potion, that's your base coat for your nails. Next, you would put on a base such as Bare Study Paint Pot by MAC, that is your white nail polish! AHA! In all those eye tutorials they tell you that a base for your eyes will make the color POP! And make it last longer! That's the same concept with puting on a white nail polish before your put on the actual nail color you want.
           This is especially helpful when you are painting with really thin nail polishes. When your painting with thin nail polishes on your bare nails (actually you should have a base coat on) it takes a lot of coats. It's easier when the nails are painted white because it's just one clean canvas for your nail polishes. This will also increase the staying power of your nail polish!
          Now, it doesn't have to be a perfect layer of white nail polish. It should or can be one coat of white nail polish. It can be streaky, it's gonna be covered anyways. It doesn't have to be a great, expensive nail polish. I would recommend getting a quick dry nail polish. This will make the drying of the white nail polish faster. Right now I am using the Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color in White On #21. I know, I know it's not a fast-drying nail polish but it was cheaper than the fast drying one!(: I'm a sucker for a good deal.

            If you feel this is an unneccesary step in your manicure process. That is perfectly o.k. This is just what I like to do to get the most out of my nail polishes. I would recommend doing this for thin nail polishes and neons. They will really make the color pop! The white will really make the neon brighter and just more pretty! Now, this was a rather long post. I had a lot to say about this. This is just the way I like to do my nails you don't have to do. It's all about preference. Try it out once and find out if you like doing it or not.

*Do you already use this technique? Have you tried this out? Do you like it? Do you think it helps the nail polish?

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!(:

              -Beauty BFF Liz

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